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精彩英语作文:恐怖主义永远不会打败中国 Terrorism will Never Defeat China【推荐】


随着人类社会的不断发展,我们可能会需要一些学习资料等范文,范文能够运用到我们生活的方方面面,你是否需要一些实用的范文呢?相信你应该喜欢小编整理的精彩英语作文:恐怖主义永远不会打败中国 Terrorism will Never Defeat China【推荐】,希望能帮助到你的学习和工作!

As a controversial issue, whether it’s terrorism that lead to the Malaysian airplane’s missing for days is attracting augmenting attention. With terrorist attack seemingly to go on a rapid rise in China, citizens are getting increasingly anxious. Terrorism, which is abominated by all human beings, poses a disastrous threat to our living condition as well as social stability.


Although we confronted with the uNPRecedented threaten of riots or terrorist attacks, I am firmly convinced that terrorism will never defeat our country. As for the reasons, the leading factor I take into consideration is that the armed force in China is getting stronger and more solidified, which will protect civilian safety better. The armed forces such as armed police and military troops are bound to ensure the stability of the prosperity of society and economy.


In addition, terrorism is detestable and hated by people all over the world for its characteristic of diverting from humanism. With hatred against terrorism accumulating, we Chinese will consolidate and the cohesion is doomed to be boosted. At the same time, conscientious foreigners can sense the appalling situation as well, who can provide us with encouragement and assistance, enabling us to fight against terrorism confidently.

另外, 恐怖主义被全世界人民所唾弃因为它反人道的性质。当仇视恐怖主义的力量积聚的时候,我们中国人就会更加团结,我们的凝聚力就一定会被提升。与此同时,有良心的外国人也能发现残酷的境况,他们可以给我们提供支持和鼓励,帮助我们更加自信地对抗恐怖主义。

All in all, terrorism is completely the worst kind of behavior in human society, which is doomed to be eradicated from the earth. From my own perspective, terrorism won’t defeat China perpetually. I advocate that all of our citizens should be encouraged to work together for sake of making us a better living environment against terrorism.



优秀英语作文 The Drinking Culture in China 中国酒文化

China has over 500million drinkers, according to a 2008 report by a Chinese association. About 62% ofChina’s drinkers start their habit between the age of 18 and 25. This is the age that the children are getting mature, most teenagers start to drink because they need to maintain social connections.China’s drinking culture thus keeps all the time.


Most girls don’t like their fathers or boyfriends to drink, while inChina, it is so common for a man to drink wine and smoke cigarette. Men’s drinking is a tradition culture inChina, they have their reasons. “For a better career future, you have to accept your boss’s toast, you also need to drink with your clients”, a man said, to pleased your boss, every man needs to learn to drink. For the teenagers, it is a way to give your friends respect and merge into the society, everyone around you is drinking, if you don’t drink, how awkward.


Drinking in China is a social skill, thus it became a tradition, for all kinds of reasons, people need to learn to drink, while the healthy problem comes. In order to keep healthy, people should not drink too much.


大学生英语作文:在中国过洋节 Foreign Festivals in China

Since the implement of the policy of reform and open in 1978, in China, people are influenced by the foreign culture and convention. The most obvious thing is that people use foreign products and the foreign festivals are becoming more and more popular. The growing popularity of western festivals inChinais a good phenomenon.自从1978年改革开放政策的实施,在中国,人们深受外国文化和习俗的影响。最明显的就是人们使用外国产品和洋节在中国变得越来越流行。西方节日在中国的日益流行是一种好的现象。

On the one hand, the growing popularity of western festivals promotes cultural exchanges between countries. There are 56 unique ethnic groups in our country, it has profound cultures, we can’t know well about our culture, let alone the foreign counties. While the policy of reform and open helps we know more about the world, we start to learn their culture by their festivals.一方面,西方节日在中国的日益流行促进了国家间文化的交流。我们国家有56个民族,文化博大精深,对于自己的文化都无法全面了解,更何况外国的呢。然而改革开放政策让我们对世界有更多的了解,我们开始通过节日了解他们的文化。

On the other hand, when we admit foreign festivals, we treat the festivals as our necessary days, so we will spend the days, buying presents, thus, it will promote our country’s economy. Today, most people get used to the Christmas Day in China, people buy a lot of discount products, just like Spring Festival, they are attracted the holiday themes.另一方面,当我们承认洋节,把节日当成必要的一部分,这样就会过这个节日,买礼物,以此来促进我们国家经济的发展。今天,大部分人在中国习惯了圣诞节,人们买很多打折产品,就像在春节那样,被节日的主题吸引。

Some people worry about the foreign festivals will let us forget about our own traditional festivals. On the contrary, it enhances our sense of convention, people will realize the importance of our culture. For these reasons, the foreign festivals are welcomed.有人担心外国节日会让我们忘记自己的传统节日。相反,那反而增强了我们的习俗感,人们会意识到我们文化的重要性。出于以上这些理由,洋节会变得流行。

作文推荐 中国人饮食的改变 Changes in Peoples Diet in China

Changes in Peoples Diet in China

The period of 1986—1990 saw great changes in the diet of the Chinese. Grain, which used to be the main food of most people in China, is now playing a less important role. On the other hand, the meat and fish has increased rapidly. The changes in diet can be accounted for by a number of factors. First, people are much wealthier than before. With higher income,they can afford to buy good foods. Another factor is that people have realized the importance of a balanced diet to their health. Lack of certain amount of meat or milk,for example, will result in poor health. Finally, owing to the eeonomic reform, meat, chicken, fish and milk, which were scarce in the past, are produced in large quantities. For all these reasons, what was formerly called "the basket of vegetables" has. To sum up, insignificant as those changes may seem, they are the signs of the improved economic condition in China. We believe that as long as the effort continuous in reform and opening to the outside world, there will be greater changes in people's diet in the future.

精彩英语作文:The king of clay Claimed China Open 红土之王收获中网冠军(收藏)

Tennis is very popular around the world, which ranks only behind football and basketball. With the achievement that Chinese tennis players have made these years, more and more Chinese young people have fallen in love with this sport. China Open is one of the biggest tour matches. It catches top tennis players to join and the NO.1 seed Nadal claimed the championship again.


Every tennis fan must be familiar with the king of clay—Nadal, who is a great fighter. He got famous at the early age, and he has won ten French Open, which is the greatest achievement that no one can compare to him. Behind all these honor, he has gone through a lot of hard time. When he returned, a lot of people doubted that his top time has gone, but he proved that he was till the top player every time.


I admire Nadal’s spirit. He will fight for every point and never give up. I like to watch his matches. The way he focuses attention on the ball makes me feel his strong will. He teaches me to be insistent. He is my idol. A great player always has strong will.


精彩英语作文:Is Chinese Uniform Popular? 中国校服受欢迎吗?

In China, students feel so bad about their uniforms, because these clothes look almost the same, which are large size and can’t reflect anything beautiful. But look at the uniforms in other countries, which look young and beautiful. However, the latest news reported that Korean students liked Chinese uniform.


Korean TV shows are very popular in China. We have learned the school life and what they wear as students. Girls wear the skirts and the boys wear the clothes that makes them look handsome. We feel so envious about their uniform. But after Korean students see Chinese uniform, they like it because its large size made them feel comfortable and convenient to do exercise.


Chinese uniform have been disliked by students for a long time, especially with the popularity of foreign films and television programs. As students realize the difference and appreciate western styles, they advocate the school to make some changes. Indeed, some schools have put forward the new styles and are popular by students. I think students have the right to make them look beautiful and energy.