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优秀英语作文 做自由职业者还是帮老板打工?Work Freelance or Work for Boss?(收藏)


随着人类社会的不断发展,我们可能会需要一些学习资料等范文,高质量的范文能得到更多人参考,我们一起来看看有哪些范文吧!小编现在向你推荐优秀英语作文 做自由职业者还是帮老板打工?Work Freelance or Work for Boss?(收藏),希望你更多关注本网站更新。

Nowadays more and more people choose towork freelance instead of work for somebody else. It is a shame to workfreelance in the old days, people would said that the one who are self-employedis a lazy man, and this kind of job is not security, they fear of instability. However,the conception is changed, work freelance has been widely accepted by public,me included.


In the first place, one of the biggest advantagesof work freelance is that you are the master of your time. Once you areself-employed, you are able to manage your time by your own wish. You do nothave to get up very early in the morning, especially in a cold winter morning,and take a crowded bus in case you will not late for work, which links directlyto your salary. For me, I would love to stay home in my pajamas rather thanfight through traffic so I can sit in a cubicle all day.


In the second place, work freelance is awonderful gift for an introvert. As you can see, if you are working outside,you can not avoid to working with others. It might be hard to deal withdifferent people in the office. There is one more thing that you can not avoid,which is your social duties, drinking and eating. You can’t say no to this, oryou will said bye to your job. As we know, too much food or wine is not goodfor our body, but as long as the cline feels happy, no one will care too muchof their body.


To sum up, each type of work style has itsown advantages and disadvantages, it is your choice. I think working should bea happy thing, if it isn’t, your life will be a sadly hell.



优秀英语作文 Why Girls Work So Hard 为什么女孩要那么努力工作

In the old days, it was men’s job to raise the family and the women should stay at home to deal with all kinds of chores. But in the modern society, women desire to go out of the house and find their places in the world. They work so hard to fulfill their value.


In the traditional view, girls will marry someday and then they will focus on the family, so there is no need for them to work so hard. But it is totally wrong for the girls. No matter which stage they are in, they need to work hard to keep their economic source. As the saying that no money, no talk, so the girls can say out their thoughts loudly in the family instead of feeling shameful to fight for their rights.


Whether girls marry or not, working can help them keep in pace with the time. The working surrounding not only can distract their pressure in the family, but also can broaden their vision. The colleagues can talk to them and relieve their negative emotion. Working can make a girl charming.


精彩英语作文:减压的方法 Ways to Relieve Work Pressure

As an adult, we should have our own jobs to support ourselves.I think everybody feels the pressure in his/her position, especially those who work in private enterprise. If we do not deal with pressure properly, it may cause harm to the body. The body is the capital of revolution, without good body, we can’t do well in our jobs. So everybody should learn how to relieve work pressure.


When you feel tired, you can stop and listen to the music, close your eyes and do the eye exercises, or you can go to the window to see the green scenery. Your eyes can get ease in a relatively short period through these methods. If time permits, you can stand up and walk into the hallway for a while, stretch your arms and kick the legs. After dinner, you can go for a walk, or have a run, physical exercise can make your body healthier, and the energy more abundant. But the most important thing is your attitude, no matter what you have to suffer, just believe in yourself and Keep smiling.


Wish all the people work happily and live happily.


作文推荐 Do You Prefer to Work in Small Company or Big Company? 小公司还是大公司?【推荐】

When college students graduate, there is a big problem that they have to face by themselves. It is finding a job. It is well-known that the university students are hard to find a job, but there are still various companies. Therefore, what kind of companies should they pick are really a question. When it comes to this problem, some prefer to work in small companies, while some choose the big enterprise. As far as I am concerned, both small companies and big companies have their own advantages. As to how to choose, it should depend on personal situation.


On the on hand, small company is easy to get promotion. If you work in a small company, you can get improved faster. As you are capable to finish the job in your company, the boss in the small enterprise will pay special attention to you quickly. Of course, you can get promotion or become the main person in your company soon. However, you can’t make sure this in the big company, because there are so many talents in it and the boss has so many excellent staff.


On the other hand, working in the big company can help you earn lots of experience, which will benefit you whole life. The big enterprise will have higher standard rules and management and more experienced. All the things are you do not meet in school, which deserve your study. And in the big enterprise, you can have a better future after you get promotion.

另一方面,在大公司工作能帮助你获得大量的经验,这对你的整个人生都是有用的。大企业管理制度更严格,经验也更丰富。所有的这些都是你在没遇到过的,是值得你学习的。而且在大企业,升职后可以 获得一个美好的未来。

To sum up, no matter small enterprises or big companies are a good place for university students to learn. Which one is more suitable for them depending on their own choice and personal situation.


工作与娱乐Work and Play(必备)

Work and Play





Work and play are two important parts in people's life, but some times they are contradictory, whether we can balance them has much to do with our success.


Some people think that we should do more work, because everyone has a limited life, and we should make as many contributions as we can to society. Besides, we can acquire more knowledge and gain more experience by hard work, which will help us a lot later in our life.


Others believe that we should spare enough time for play. There is a saying that all work and no play makes John a dull boy. Play makes people feel relaxed and free them from the stress of work.


In this sense, it is also beneficial to our health. So if we don't play, we can't work well. In my opinion, we should do more work when we are young be cause we are energetic, and we can spend more time playing and enjoying our life when we become aged. Of course, we should never overdo things and never indulge ourselves with play.


大学生村官 College Graduates Work as Village Officials(收藏)

Inrecent years, being a village official has become the first choice of manycollege graduates. To this phenomenon, different people have different opinionson it.


Somepeople hold the positive attitude towards it. First, they consider it's aneffective way to ease employment pressure in major cities as well as satisfythe need for talent in rural areas. Besides, the government is trying toencourage college students to seek jobs in under-developed regions. Second,college students have a great deal of knowledge which can make contribution tomore people. Last but not least, college students also can broaden their eye inthe countryside as well as improve their adaptability to differentcircumstances, both of which are believed to be beneficial to their future development.


However,others are against it. In their opinion, if college students work as a villageofficial, they can't apply their professional knowledge that they learn in school.Worse still, they can't meet their parents' aim that lives a comfortable lifein the major city.


Asfar as I'm concerned, I consider working as a village official is worthpromoting. It's feasible that some graduates may employ the job as a spring-boardin order to receive the favorable treatment. With the participation of so manycollege students, we have reasons to believe that it will not take unduly longto realize the blueprint of constructing new village jobs for graduates.


优秀英语作文 The Statue of Liberty 自由女神像(必备)

New York is the first big city in America. It is the world’s commercial center and there are many sites that attract people from all over the world to take a visit. One of the famous sites is the Statue of Liberty. Everybody knows this great site and it has become the symbol of New York.


The Statue of Liberty stands on an island of the New York City harbor. It is the tallest building ever built. When people get there, they will see a woman holding a torch of fire. In her feet, people can see the chains that are broken, which means she gets away from the restrictions and chases for freedom. There is a book on her right hand, which is the Declaration of Independence.


The complete name of this statue is Liberty Enlightening the World. It is the present from French people to American people. The meaning of friendship and freedom are shared by both countries. Today, the meaning of the Statue of Liberty is shared by the world. People can feel the peace when they see this image.


Education Background and Work 学历和工作(参考)

Recently, a hot news spreads in Weibo, it is said that a beautiful girl who has master degree quits her job as a website editor, she chooses to open a food shop, and she sells sleeve-fish, which makes great profit each day. When people question her decision, she says she is proud of herself and there are no high and low jobs. I appreciate her attitude, but people hold different ideas.最近,微博上流传着一则热门的新闻,据说,一个漂亮的研究生女孩辞掉了网络编辑的工作,选择了开一间食品商店,她卖鱿鱼,这给她每天带来了巨大的利润。当人们质疑她的选择时,她说她为自己感到自豪,职业不分贵贱。我欣赏她的态度,但是人们抱有不同的观点。

On the one hand, as a master degree student, she should use her talent and serve for the society. Opening the food shop, the girl loses her talent, what she has learned for many years just being useless. If the students have the chance in her position, they will choose the job that has something connect with the major. Working in the food shop doesn’t need the master degree.


On another hand, everyone has their own right to choose what they want to do; it is nothing with the major. There are no high and low jobs, every job has the excellent people, if they are happy, and they can choose their own work.


I appreciate the girl’s attitude towards life, though her job won’t bring her great reputation, she is happy about what she does, and that’s enough.


大学生作文分享 工作——生活的一部分 Work as a Part of Life(收藏)

People’sattitudes towards work vary. Some people consider work as a way to achieve thevalue of life while others regard it as the whole life and spare no pains topursue a successful career. As far as I am concerned, I consider that work is anecessary and significant part in our lives.


Forone thing, it is impossible for us to live without work. Work is not only ameans to provide for ourselves and our family, but also a chance to achieve ourvalue. We can make a living as well as use and display our ability and talentto achieve our value by work. In addition, we can make some friends and developour interpersonal relationship by work to enrich our lives. Those who have nowork will find that their lives are so boring and insignificant.


Foranother, we should be aware of that work is just a means to achieve the valueof life but cannot replace life itself totally. Therefore, we should enjoy ourwork so that we can enjoy our lives better.


Allin all, I advocate that work is a part of life. Thus, we should avoid being theslaves of work.