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大学生作文分享 电视上的广告The Advertising on Television(必备)


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The Advertising on Television


Nowadays we can see advertisements on television every day. Some people believe that advertising on television can bring us benefits, but others don't think so. In my opinion. I’m in favor of the advertising on television.


There are three reasons, I think, for the growing number of advertisement on TV. First a competitive economy, the consumer usually has the choice of several different brands of the same product. Thus, manufacturers are confronted with a problem-How to keep sales high enough to stay in business. They solve this problem by advertising. Through advertising, each manufacturing company tries to convince that its product is best. That is to say the company can realize the accumulation of prospective clients.


Second, most consumers are interested in advertisement. They wish to get from advertisement the first-hand information about new products, which enables them to choose the one they like best. As a result, there is a sharp increase in advertisement on the TV screen.


Last but not least, the advertising on television has become important pastime for people, to some degree. With the use of popular music, and many technologies, and many super stars’ participant, advertisement is no longer boring. So many people, especially the young, enjoy watching advertisement.


In conclusion, TV advertising plays a very important role in economic behavior. With abundant information available on TV, we can make sensible choices as consumers. And, we are more and more attracted by advertisement.



广告 Advertising

"Advertising" or "advertisement" comes from Latin “advertere”, which means an approach to arouse public attention to something and induce a certain direction. Traditional definitions of advertising include a series of elements that distinguish the field from others. Each innovation in communication has been used for advertising, and in some way, each has changed advertising, which in turn has changed the set of elements used in its definition. However, there are or should be some essential elements that determine whether an activity is advertising, that is to say, the essential meaning is largely identical but with minor differences. In short, advertising is the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. And we can learn the functions of advertising from the definition above which are listed as follows:1)information function; 2)demand creation function; 3)persuasive function; 4)get attention function; 5)goodwill establishment function.


英语范文:电视对孩子的影响 The Impact of Television on Children(必备)

Withthe rapid development of modernization, television becomes a necessity in everyhouse. Recently, a research shows that 95% of children form the habit ofwatching TV for long hours every day, which makes teachers and parents panic,because watching TV for long hours may have very negative effects on thechildren.


Thebad influence of watching TV for long hours covers the following points. Firstof all, there are a lot of illegal programs which may lead the children to thewrong way or form the wrong values. Secondly, with plenty of series to choosefrom, children become less interested in taking exercises. TV has kept childrenindoor while they should spend time playing outside. Thirdly, the excessivewatching TV can lower the children’s ability to study.


Undoubtedly,it is high time that parents should help the children to deal with the relationwith the TV. Also, children ought to do some creative things like reading,singing, painting, and running instead of sitting in front of the TV all daylong.


精彩英语作文:电视的利弊 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television.【精】

In China, almost every family has TV set in their house. Television has made great contribution to people’s daily lives and children’s education. Some people even think that television is one of the greatest inventions in the world. But there is a good side and a bad side to everything and that includes the television.


On one hand, TV is a powerful educational tool that through it people know what is happening in the rest of the world. Because of television, people begin to understand different cultures and current affairs. They know about the things they never knew before, they create their own opinions and form their sense of worth. The TV opens a brand-new door for them to explore the things they want to know. Many people may go traveling due to watch the beautiful scenes in TV.


On the other hand, some people may find them addicted to television, especially the young people. They spend most of their free time watching TV programs instead of playing outside with their peers. In this case, the children may lack of the ability of communicate effectively with others. TV makes them isolated. What’ more, sometimes the TV programs may contain sexual scenes or bloody scenes that not suitable for children to watch. This will cause negative effects on them.


To sum up, I think television has both advantages and disadvantages, people should find a balance between it. Make the most use of it, don’t be the salves of it.


大学生作文分享 广告的力量The Power of Advertisements

The Power of Advertisements


Every day, it is easy to see advertisements all around us. Look around. How many different advertisements can you see?


Often products show the name of the company that made them. This is a popular form of adver-

rising. The special picture or symbol, i.e. logo, appears on many different products. When you see a logo, it is hard to forget that product or company.


Many people buy a product because it is made by a certain company. In fact, some people only buy a product of a famous company. They think it proves that they are fashionable and have good taste.


It is common to find advertisements on TV or radio. Most advertisements are very short for people to remember. Nike,for example, has a simple slogan used all around the world:"Just do it". Advertisements often use funny situations as well. It is easy to remember an entertaining ad.

广告通常出现在电视或收音机里。大多数广告都很短小便于人们记忆。例如,耐克就有一个简单却世界闻名的标语:“Just do it”(只管去做)。广告中常常利用一些有趣的情景。通常娱乐广告就很容易记忆。

All advertisements are designed to make people buy a product. An advertisement for a soft drink, for example,might show a group of trendy young people who are having fun. The young people are all drinking the soft drink. Adverrisers are saying to you, "Why don't you buy it and be like these people? You can be young, modern and trendy, too."


You might think that advertisements do not affect you, but the next time you buy a soft drink, ask yourself: Why am I buying this particular product


大学生作文分享 The Advantage and Disadvantage of Advertisement 广告的利弊(收藏)

With the development of informatization, people have more and more chances to choose the commodities they like. But the more goods exist, the more confusion people feel in choosing one. Therefore, advertisement stands out to take the responsibility for people to choose the products they prefer. But advertising has advantages and disadvantages. Some people are in favor of it, while some are on the contrary. As for me, I’m in the neutral place.


On the one hand, advertisements help people have a better understanding about products. Advertisements always tell people the advantages and functions of the products. People can buy the things they want by reading advertisements. By the way, advertisements are free for consumers. Moreover, advertising is much more interesting than the instructions on the packaging box, because advertisements contain various factors, such as pictures, videos, voice plots and so on. Don’t you think it is a good way for choosing a product?


On the other hand, sometimes advertisements are tempting and deceptive. In order to attract the target customers, the advertiser will fill the content of decorating expressions, regardless of the filthy measures they have taken or the severe damages they may bring about. The advertisements always exaggerate the advantages and functions of the products. As a result, they mislead consumers to buy things that are not deserved.


To sum up, advertisements have the good side and the opposite side. If we just take them as a reference, it will be good. But if we depend on them to buy things, we may suffer losses in the end.


优秀英语作文 Ads In the TV Shows 电视中的广告【推荐】

Implanting ads in the TV series or movies has been very popular today, but the audience are not willing to see ads when they are enjoying the plots. Even though they have criticized the producers and directors for implanting ads everywhere, the ads still challenge the public’s vision.


The ads have been the main source of income, so it is no wonder that more and more ads have been showed in the TV programs. Directors and producers need funds to support their programs, such as paying the actors. With more funds, they can manage the program well and present better works to the audience.


Though the audience criticize the ads showed in the TV stations, they are more acceptable to see ads in online TV shows. On the one hand, they get free source and know the price of it. On the other hand, the ads are made in a funny way, which can attract the audience’s attention.


Some actions have been taken to limit the implanting of ads in the TV, which helps the audience appreciate the shows without being interrupted.


大学生作文分享 关于树木和人类的作文(必备)

illegal felling of these precious natural re sources. Besides, new trees should be continuously planted in place of those which have died. If everyone loved trees, our world would be far more beautiful than it is now.



(2)No one can live without trees around him. Trees can not only protect soil and water from being lost because of heavy rain and storms, but also beautify our lovely earth. When we enjoy wandering in the forest or watching the mountain covered with green trees, we feel a heart content as well as to the eyes.

Seeing that trees are so important in human lives, we can't destroy them in order to get more land to build factories or dams; instead, the government should institute laws to protect them. Besides, all of us ought to love these green scenes by true feeling, and then out country and world will be a beautiful green paradise in the future.