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精彩英语作文:中国应该鼓励私家车吗? Should Private Cars Be Encouraged in China?【推荐】


随着人们的教育质量的提升,我们经常会需要使用到一些范文,范文对我们的生活有着重要的意义,有哪些范文值得参考呢?小编收集并整理了“精彩英语作文:中国应该鼓励私家车吗? Should Private Cars Be Encouraged in China?【推荐】”,欢迎你参考,希望对你有所助益!

With the rapid development of economy in China, more and more people own their private cars. Different people have different opinions. Some people think that too many private cars may cause more traffic jams and pollute the air, while others believe that people should be encouraged to have private cars. As far as I am concerned, I think private cars have more advantages than disadvantages.


First of all, private cars offer people convenience. With your car, you can go to any place at any time. You just don’t have to wait for the bus or taxi. Unlike bus is always full of people and taxi is expensive, private cars is less crowned and more flexible. During the rush hour, you don’t need to worry could not get in a bus or waste too many money on taxi.


Second, traveling by cars is very comfortable. During the Spring Festival, the going-back home tickets are very difficult to get. But if you have a private car, you can go home immediately without worrying there is no ticket any more. What’s more, the private cars reduce the pressure of the public transportation during the rush hours. When you driving in your own car, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. I guess it’s the greatest advantage of the private car.


Last but not least, the producing of cars triggers the industries of steel and glass production. It provides people lots of job opportunities. And it makes great contribution to the growth of GDP.


In conclusion, I think owning a car has more advantages than disadvantages. If you can afford one, then you should have it.



精彩英语作文:有关私家车的问题Private Cars(收藏)

Private Cars-有关私家车的问题的英语作文


Nowadays more and more families own private cars. Private cars, as the product of modem civilization, have been playing a vital role in people's daily activities. First, private cars are a convenient means of transportation. You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there is no doubt that private cars will have a great impact on the economic growth. The rapid car industry growth will contribute much to keeping the country's economy growing at a higher rate in the near future.


But every coin has two sides. The development of the private cars will bring about a series of problems. For example, the polluted air given off by cars will do great harm to our health, too many private cars will lead to traffic jams and a great deal of energy will be wasted and so on.


So I think we should take advantages of private cars and make them serve us better. Meantime we hope that satisfactory solutions to these negative problems will be found soon.



Nowadays more and more private cars have entered thousands of ordinary families. Privatecars are used every day to carry i people to and from work. At weekends, private cars take families on joyful outings. Most of people living in the city like private cars very much. What is more, the development of the car industry will stimulate other industries, such as iron and steel production. So the private car benefits the growth of economy.


Private cars, like everything else, have more than one face. Private cars have also given rise to a series of problems. For example, the street are crowded with cars. They not only cause traffic accidents which injure or kill a large number of people each year, but also make great noise and give off many poisonous gases. But I believe we can solve all of the problems in the near future.


精彩英语作文:征收私家车税Private Car Owners Should Be Taxed for Pollution

Inrecent years, as environment protection has been brought to public focus to alarge extent, taxing private car owners for pollution has also been concerned alot among people. For my point of view, private car owners should be taxed forpollution.


Wecan see that the idea will bring some benefits. To begin with, taxing privatecar owners is conducive to reduce environment pollution as well as health harmin that we all know that the gas emission of private cars have done a lot of harmto our environment and our body. With this tax, the private car owners will beinclined to reduce the use of car to ease their financial burden. In addition,carrying out this tax will slow down the increase of private car. Those whowant to buy a private car will take the tax into account before they decide tobuy a car. Finally, taxing private car owners will be a great warn ofenvironment pollution and arouse the awareness of environment protection.


Ina long term, taxing private car owners is beneficial to our sustainabledevelopment and environment protection. To put it in a nutshell, private carowners should be taxed for pollution.


精彩文章关于私家车的弊端The Disadvantages of Private Cars

As cars are more affordable nowadays, thenumber of private car owners spurs. With cars, we can go anywhere anytime wewant. However, for the sake of protecting our environmentand of the public travelling convenience, it is a bad news.


First, more private cars mean more pollution.As the number of private cars increases sharply, the off gas surges.Consequently, the air quality is decreasing and even affects our health. Inconsideration of our environment and our health, I don’t think private carsbring us good to both our planet’s environment and our health.


Second, people are tending to drive carsthemselves going to work so that the traffic jam is serious in most cities. Wheneveryou go and look around in cities, you can see lots of cars not only parking alongthe road but also runs on the street. Especially around morning and evening,you can hardly move a step if you drive a car because of the heavy traffic. Nomatter how many roads the government has built, without lessening the number ofthe private cars, the need for road is always bigger than the supplied.Therefore, the most effective way is to encourage people take public transportationso that we can facilitate ourselves and also others.


All in all, private cars are so convenientfor us to getting around. However, take our air environment, our health and theconvenience of public life into account; we shouldn’t encourage people to buymore private cars. Instead, we should persuade people to take public transportationas often as possible to make our environment better and better.


大学生英语作文:私家车之我见 My View on Private Cars【推荐】

With the fast development of human society and theimprovement of life standard, private car has become more and more common inour country, especially in cities. It brings some benefit for us but alsocauses many problems at the same time.


For one thing, private car has increasingly played asignificant role in our daily life. To start with, private cars provide moreconvenience as a kind of vehicle, especially for office workers, students andthose go to travel usually. Furthermore, with the increase of private cars, theautomobile companies can offer more and more job opportunities and reduce thepressure of unemployment. Eventually, it is good for us to save more time toimprove the efficiency of life. For example, we do not have to wait for a buswhen we are in a hurry.


However, for another, private car has caused manyproblems as well. Firstly, the environment would be heavily polluted if thenumber of private cars rises too quickly. The exhaust gas from cars pollutesthe air and causes some serious problems to human health. Moreover, too manyprivate cars will cause traffic jams instead of bringing convenience. Finally,the increase of traffic accidents has threatened the safety of people’s life.


As far as I am concerned, as our individuals, weshould prefer to choose the public transportations when we go out. And for our government, they should take somemeasures to limit the increasing number of private cars.


英语范文:私家车的利与弊 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Cars(参考)

Recently years, with the rapid development in our country, more and more people own their private cars. Some people think that private cars should be restricted, while others think that private cars should be encouraged. As far as I concern, I think owning a private car has both advantages and disadvantages.


On one hand, private cars do bring the owners convenience and comfortable. If you have a car, you don’t need to take the bus or subway to work. You can image how crowded and slow when you get on a bus, especially during the rush hours. With your own car, you just don’t need to worry about this problem. What’s more, you can go to any places at any moment with your private car. Traveling by car is very comfortable and flexible. You can stop as you pleased and don’t need to worry about others feeling. I guess this is the biggest advantages of private cars.


On the other hand, the disadvantages of private cars are obvious. The noises that produce by cars are unbearable, the exhaust gas that cars give off are bad for people’s health. With countless cars on the street, people find it becomes harder to find a parking spot. What’s worse, tens of thousands people are killed or injured in the traffic accidents.


To sum up, private cars provide us with convenience as well as harm. Whether or not afford a private car depends on personal details.