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住处的选择Choosing Living Place【精】


随着我们的知识面不断扩大,我们总是会需要用到许多范文,高质量的范文能得到更多人参考,有哪些范文值得参考呢?以下是小编精心收集整理的住处的选择Choosing Living Place【精】,带给大家。欢迎大家参考阅读。

Livingplace is essential to people’s life. However, when asked the question what isthe better place do you want to live, different people have different opinions.Somepeople choose to live in city because the living standards in the city are muchhigher than in the countryside. What’s more, there are more chances ofemployment and you can find a suitable job for yourself. Last but not least, inbig cities you and your children can receive better education.


On the other hand, some people preferliving in countryside because of the fresh air and quite living condition. In the modern society, many people are ingreat pressure because of the fierce competition. As for these people,countryside life is a good choice for them to relax and be healthy.


For me, I wouldlike to live in big city. Firstly, I will graduate next year and in the bigcity I can have more chances to find a suitable job. Secondly, in the big city,there are many entertainment and public service such as swimming pool and park.Thirdly, as we all know, friend is very important and in big city, I can makesfriends with people from different countries and regions which can enrich mylife. Therefore, I like the city life.



作文推荐 选择合适的职业Choosing the Right Career

Choosing the Right Career





It is very important to choose a right career. A right choice usually leads to success and happiness, while a wrong one often brings about failure and disappointment. Therefore, we must get ourselves well prepared so that a right choice can be made when needed.


If I am to choose a career, my principles are as follows. First of all, it should be a real service to my fellowmen and not merely enable me to earn a living. Seondly, it should offer scope for creativity and imagination because I want to live a rich or meaningful life. Finally, it should provide me with opportunities and challenges, engaging my interest and allowing me to develop my abilities.


There are many professions for me to choose from: teaching, newspaper work, research on social science and so on. Among them, the work of a reporter may suit me most, because it is an exciting job and is full of challenges.


选择住在郊区还是城市? Living in the Suburbs or City(参考)

Nowadays, most people, especially college graduates choose to work andlive in city. They have already used to the city’s lifestyle; they think it’smore convenient to work and live in city. However, for me, I prefer to live inthe suburbs, I have three reasons to support my view.


Firstly, we can enjoy fresh air in the suburbs. With the rapid developmentof industry, the city's quality of life become worse and worse,people's physical andmental health is threatened. Suburb has not so many people and cars, has not somany pollution, so living in the suburbs is good for people's physical andmental health.

首先, 郊区有新鲜的空气。工业的快速发展,使城市的生活质量变得越来越差,人们的身心健康受到威胁。郊区没有那么多人和车,没有那么多污染,所以住在郊区更有益于人们的身心健康。

Secondly, the house price is cheaper in the suburbs. The same money canbuy or rent larger and more comfortable house in the suburb area than in city.As we all know, the city’s house prices are expensive, many people are notaffordable for the high house prices in city.

其次, 郊区的房子的价格相对城市更便宜。同样的钱在郊区比在城市可以买或租更大更舒适的房子。正如我们所知道的,城市的房子的价格是昂贵到很多人特别是年轻人都无法承受。

Last but not least, the suburbs are not busy; people don't have to endurea traffic jam in here. When we go to work in morning and go off work inafternoon, we have to endure all kinds of serious traffic problems, such aselectric vehicles drive illegally and too much cars crowed on road.

最后, 郊区的交通通畅。在市区的话,当我们上下班的时候,不得不忍受各种各样的严重的交通问题,如电动车非法行驶,还有太多的堵车的各种交通问题。而在郊区,我们就不用忍受那些问题,郊区车少道路宽广。

In a word, I think living in the suburbs have so many advantages. Live andwork in suburbs is more comfortable, it also is good for our physical and metallife. We shall choose a lifestyle which is suitable for us, not just followingothers blindly.


大学生英语作文:关于选择职业CHOOSING CAREER


其次,你必须仔细权衡反对的工作是给你一定要ask your considering.Be家长,教师,并就如何充分adcantage你might take of suggestions advicer有用人才招聘的长期前景the immediate advantages您personal素质和学历。


选择职业Choose Your Occupation【精】

One of the most important problems a young person faces is deciding what to do. There are some people, of course, who from the time they are six years old “know” that they want to be doctors or pilots or fire fighters, but the majority of us do not get around to making a decision about an occupation or career until somebody or something forces us to face the problem.


Choosing an occupation takes time, and there are a lot of things you have to think about as you try to decide what you would like to do. You may find that you will have to take special courses to qualify for a particular kind of work, or you may find out that you will need to get actual work experience to gain enough knowledge to qualify for a particular job.


Fortunately, there are a lot of people you can turn to for advice and help in making your decision. At most schools, there are teachers who are professionally qualified to give you detailed information about job qualifications. And you can talk over your ideas with family members and friends who are always ready to listen and to offer suggestions.

幸运的是,在做决定的时候你可以向很多人寻求意见和帮助。很多学校都有具有专业资格的老师 给你提供有关职业资格的详细信息。你也可以与家人和朋友分享你的想法,他们总是做好准备倾听和提供帮助。

精彩文章What Kind of Job Should We Choose 该选择怎样的工作?【精】

As college graduates start to think about their future, they need to make choice between high pay and interest. An ideal job contains both factors, but sometimes students just can choose one of them. In my opinion, as a college graduate, it is better to work on what we like.


Every student wants to earn enough money to buy a beautiful house or a fancy car. They are enjoying what money brings for them. But compared to these material things, the passion occupies more important position. The first job plays an important part in forming students’ career outlook and ambition. While the love for job brings them the real happiness and helps them to find their value.


For example, a journalist once worked in the top financial company. She got the high salary, while her job required her to be on business trip all the time. Someday she decided to follow her heart and quit her job, which began her joyful life. Though the money she earned was less than before, she enjoyed what she did.


Jobs with passion and high-pay jobs both are tempting. Some students who are with short sight will choose the latter, while the wise students will choose their hearts. What decision you make will affect you in the rest of your life.