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优秀英语作文 虚假广告带来的负面影响之我见My view on the Negative Effects of Fake Advertisements(参考)


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Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, fakes appear widely onthe market, they range from medicines, 3C products to cooking oil etc. Moreserious is that these products have entered the Realms of TV advertising, theyhave deeper into human’s lives.


Bad commercialadvertisements will undoubtedly take large numbers of side-effect and harm to consumers.If audiences believe thefalse advertisement and buy the products, both their property and healthy wouldbe damaged. In addition, fake commodities are not only extremely harmful toconsumers, as well as the whole society, it break the market order, reduce thecredibility of the real business ,make these kinds of product stay away frompeople’s trust.


In my opinion, for the government, certain policies andmeasures should be taken on the spot, such as dispose the TV station of handingin money, judge the selling fake bad manufacturer criminal punishment, andprohibit the emergence of the harmful advertisement. For the audience, they shouldstrengthen the discrimination ability of the false goods, and would not becheated by the fake television advertising as the cheap price and convenience.


To sum up, we need to work together to makethe false advertisement disappeared in our lives. For me, I will not buy thefake goods, and will report them at the first time. It is time for me topractice what my preaches about cracking down on fake goods.



优秀英语作文 英语口语测试之我见My View on Spoken English Test(参考)

It is a common phenomenon that studentshave to take oral English test during college. Some people think that it isnecessary for them to have oral test so that they can have a certification toprove themselves. But for some people, they believe that we shouldn't have oraltest for it is a waste of time. For me, I think spoke English test is anecessary for students. Reasons are listed below.


Firstly, oral English test can helpstudents to improve their oral ability. If we don’t have oral test, then 90% ofstudents wouldn't force themselves to practice spoken English. But if we havesuch kind of oral test, then students must spare some time to practicing oralEnglish. By this way, they can improve their language ability a lot.


Secondly, oral English encourage students’ability to communicate with foreign people. For most Chinese students, theyhave little chance to talk with people from abroad. Quite often, most studentscan just read and write English language, but lack the ability to speak. Iforal test is a necessary, then students would like to chat with their friendeveryday, gradually, their oral skills will be strengthened. If they meetforeign people, they can speak English fluently and know how to communicatewith foreigners.


All in all, oral English test is good forstudents to improve their oral skills so we should support oral English test.


优秀英语作文 How to Deal With Negative Emotion 如何应对负面情绪(参考)

Life is a journey. We will see different scenery and learn to grow up. Nobody can live easy life all the time, and they must have gone through some hard time. The one who can conquer the difficulty will be stronger. While those who can’t deal with the negative emotion will miss the beautiful scenery. Wise men can find the ways to remove bad mood.


In the modern life, a lot of people do the same things every day, then the repeating routines are easy to frustrate them. They feel life is meaningful and why they have to sit in the office to work for a whole day. The negative emotion makes them lose themselves. At this time, they need to slow down their life pace. A trip is the best way to relax and forget about the annoyance. It opens your vision and helps you to find the answers.


Talking to the families or friends is also a good way to relieve your bad emotion. We need someone to listen to us. With their support and caring, we will find the motivation to move on. Life is short, don’t be afraid of making change if you are not really satisfied with the current situation.


大学生英语作文:名人代言广告之我见 My View on the Ad Done by Celebrity(参考)

Turning on the TV, we can see numerous advertisements done by thecelebrities including the film stars, singers and so on. Some people believe itis worth the efforts because they think what the stars have said in the ads aretrue and convincing while some other people worry that the information in theads may be misleading to the consumers. So far as I am concerned, theadvertisements done by the celebrities should be limited.


First of all, the celebrities, while receiving the handsome pay foradvocating some products, should be responsible for what they have said in theads for the credibility is priceless. We have heard of some cases about thefalse information in the ads and a number of stars have been accused by thecustomers for their misdeeds. What is more, the customers should become carefuland critical about the information they see in TV. It does no harm to thinktwice before buying the products advertised by the stars. Finally, thegovernment needs to tighten the control over the broadcasting of theadvertisement.


To sum up, the stars should be responsible when doing the advertisementand in the mean time, the consumers should be careful when shopping.


优秀英语作文 My View on Reducing Carbon Emission 减排之我见

Every year billion tons of carbon dioxide is added into the air, which in part results in global warming and climate change. Now we are live in the world that is filled with pollution. As far as I am concerned, we should reduce carbon emission.每年数十亿吨二氧化碳排放到空气中,这在一定程度上导致了全球变暖和气候变化。现在我们生活在充满污染的世界。我个人认为,我们应该减少碳排放。

First, we can adopt different ways to solve the problem if it is convenient for us, such as going to work by bus. There is no doubt that it can cut down the pollution and improve our environment. What’s more, it is cheaper, comparing with other ways. Second, there are different kinds of trees which can absorb carbon dioxide, so we also need plant more trees around us. At the same time, our government should pay attention to take action to improve our living quality.

首先, 如果对我们方便的话,我们可以采用不同的方式解决这个问题,比如乘公共汽车去上班。 无疑问,这种方式可以减少污染,改善我们的环境。更重要的是,与其他交通方式相比,它更便宜。其次,不同种类的树木可以吸收二氧化碳,所以我们还需要种植更多的树。与此同时,我们的政府应该注意采取行动来改善我们的生活质量。

It is our duty to reduce carbon emission, but it is also a long way for us to achieve it. No matter how hard the condition will be, I think if we try our best together. Maybe the problem can be solving someday, because carbon emission is a focus of the world.


大学生作文分享 My View on Advertisement 广告之我见

Advertisements are everywhere in this world. Through advertisement, people know about a product. Some people think that advertising is generally helpful, while others feel it is annoying. In my opinion, advertisements have both advantages and disadvantages.


On one hand, advertisement provide us with the most direct, comprehensive and detailed information. With advertisement, people can know where the products are available, when we go shopping, we can use the advertisements on TV to know the products effects and prices, it can save some time and money. Some advertisement can even provide entertainment. Some slogans of the advertisements are quite funny and full of positive energy.


On the other hand, advertisement can be harmful. Sometimes, they are misleading and cheating. Some advertisements just full of empty words and the consumers will fall for them. Some advertisers just care about money making, they like to exaggerate the benefits of the goods so that they can gain more profits. Thus, we should pay attention to such kind of advertisements.


To sum up, consumers should be a wise shopper. Do not fall for the fake products. And the governments should do somethings to protect our rights.


优秀英语作文 My view on part-time jobs 兼职之我见【精】

Some people say that college students should take up part-time jobs because they have much more free time than in the high school. While the others worry about that taking part-time jobs may have negative effects on study. In my opinion, I think part-time jobs have both advantages and disadvantages.一些人说大学生应该去兼职,因为他们有很多空余的时间。而另外一些人则认为参加做兼职会对学习有负面影响。在我看来,我认为兼职有利有弊。On one hand, part-time jobs can broaden students’ horizon and make their free time more colorful. They do not only have the life on campus but also have many social activities. In this way, they can lead to a varied life. What’s more, their personal development can be enhancing to a better level. Some part-time jobs can have great contribute to the society. For instance, to be a volunteer in the orphanage, or do some cleaning for the community. Through these work, the students will realize their personal value and know that they are capable people. The part-time jobs also help the students to realize that making money is not easy, they should appreciate that their parents hard working. With the money they earn, they can buy the things they want and reduce the family’s economic burdens.一方面,兼职能够扩宽学生的眼界让他们的课余生活更加丰富多彩。学生们不光光有校园生活,也有诸多的社会活动。在这种情况下,他们的生活多姿多彩。更重要的是,他们的个人发展能上升到一个更好的水平。一些兼职,能对社会有很大的贡献。例如说,去孤儿院当志愿者,或者会社区做些清洁工作。通过这些工作,学生们会体会到个人价值,知道自己是个有用的人。而兼职也让学生们知道挣钱不易,他们应该体谅父母的辛勤劳动。通过兼职赚了钱,就能够减轻家里面的经济负担了。On the other hand, part-time jobs could have negative effects, too. The part-time jobs may take up too much of the free time that students would have no time to relax and study. What’s worse, some students may play truant in order to make more money. Some students even go to jail because they come under the influence of bad people through part-time jobs.另一方面,兼职也会有负面影响。兼职会占用过多的空闲时间导致学生没空学习休息。更糟糕的是,一些学 生可能会旷课去兼职,以此赚取更多的钱。一些学生甚至进了监狱因为在业余工作中受到坏人的影响。In conclusion, doing part-time jobs have both advantages and disadvantages. Students have to find a balance between their study and the jobs. After all, the main job of the students is to study.总的来说,做兼职有利有弊。学生们应该在兼职和学习中找到平衡点。毕竟,学生的主要工作是学习。