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大学生英语作文:仔细规划还是自由安排?Plan Carefully or Plan Nothing at All?【推荐】


伴着我们工作的不断优化,我们会看到各种各样的范文,一篇好的范文能够提供好的参考,你也许正需要一些范文作为参考,以下为小编为你收集整理的大学生英语作文:仔细规划还是自由安排?Plan Carefully or Plan Nothing at All?【推荐】,相信你能从中找到需要的内容!

In this fast-changing society, our free time is very precious to all of us. It is important for us to take some time to refresh ourselves and prepare for the challenges in front us. Some people prefer to plan everything very carefully at their free time, because they want to live the most of life; while the others choose not to make any plans at all. Well, in my opinion, both thought have their advantages.


On one hand, people who plan everything carefully can avoid wasting too much time on making decisions. If one makes plan in advance, he will have more free time to do the things he wants to. For instance, if he plans to see a movie this Sunday, he will buy a ticket on Tuesday. If he buys a ticket before the movie begins, he probably won’t get any tickets. Then his plan will fail. Therefore, being prepared carefully can avoid you plans fail, to a large extend. It’s not only save your precious time but also ensure your mood is not being disturbed by unexpected surprises.


On the other hand, plan nothing at all also has its own advantages. The non-planers can change their mind at the last minute without worrying offends anybody, because they do not make any commitment to anybody. What’s more, not everything we plan will come out exactly the way we want to be. Sometimes, it’s really hard to finish all the works before deadlines. Without plans, we can enjoy more freedom and less pressure.


To sum up, both planned and unplanned have their own benefits. I still prefer to plan things carefully. My time is limited, so I want to make the best use of it. By planning in advance, I can do the things I want and see the people I want to see. If something unexpected happen, I can replace my former plan with Plan B.



作文推荐 My Travel Plan in Shanghai 上海之旅计划

Shanghai is not only a famous city in China, but one of the most flourishing metropolises in the world. I dream of going there for a three-day holiday, because I'm so crazy about amazing modern cities.


When I'm in Shanghai, I'll go to Nanjing Road Walking Street at first, which is the busiest shopping center in the downtown area. Next, I'd like to take a walk on the bund, where I can see many western-style buildings showing us an elegant picture of the foreign life. It can be regarded as an open-air museum of architectures. At noon, I want to eat some delicious snacks in Garden Yu. After lunch, I plan to have a sightseeing tour at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which is the third largest tower in the world. As I enter into the East Pearl TV Tower, I can visit Shanghai History Museum. This is an excellent place to know more about history, culture and custom of old Shanghai. And I will also climb to the top of that tower to have a bird's eye view of the whole city, so as to have a better understanding of that modern metropolis. In the evening, all skyscrapers have their glorious neon lights on. Look, decorations of neon’s make that city more brilliant. Then I will use my cell phone to capture that most splendid view, in order to keep it in my mind forever.


This is my strong wish. I hope it will be realized this year.


作文推荐 A Trip Without Plan 一场说走就走的旅行

Today, as the life standard has improved, people have more money to chase amusement, travel is their first choice. So there are a lot of people on the journey during the public vacation, some people even quit their jobs to do it. The trip without plan was favored by many people since a few years ago, it was the attitude towards life.


Though people are proud of taking the independent travel, especially when they just go anytime and anywhere, only a few people take action. Some day, as I had the long summer vacation, I suddenly had the idea that I could take a trip without plan. So I asked two of my friends to joined my team. We booked the tickets and and hotel, then the next day, we took the train. We talked and appreciated the scenery outside the window. When we arrived the city, we just walked along the street and enjoyed the feature.


It was such great experience for me, sometimes we consider so many things and miss the joy of life. Taking a trip without burden and just go to any place you want once in your life.


大学生作文分享 The Result of Family Plan 计划生育的后果

Since the policy of Reform and Open come out, there was another policy carried out, it called Family Plan. The former promotes Chinese economy develop fast, while the latter controls Chinese population. The Family Plan has great effect on the family, every family is allowed to raise a child, such idea is against the tradition. The policy brings positive and negative effect.


The Family Plan allows each family to raise a child, so the family can have more money to educate their children. The Chinese tradition embraces a family to have more kids, it is believed that the more children, the better, a great family means the great luck. But now, people believe that with only child, they can focus all their attention and raise the child as a excellent person.


The Family Plan makes the only child feel lonely, the only child enjoys all the parents’ love, they get what they want and have no idea to share things with others. This is not good for fostering their character. Two much attention on the child also giving them too much pressure, parents don’t realize it.


The Family Plan indeed controls Chinese population, thanks to it, our country develops fast. At the same time, the only child is growing lonely, the government should allow the family to have another child, it will work well.


休闲计划 Plan for Free Time

When I have free time, I wouldlike get up early to walk in the forest in the morning, because I want tobreathe the fresh air. I think it's a good way to keep healthy.


In the afternoon, in order toembrace our nature, I'm going to take a ride around the countryside. Since everythingcomes from our nature, nothing is more beautiful than our nature. We must learnhow to appreciate her.


In the evening, I want to gettogether with my friends who I talk and play with. At night, I would like tomake some beautiful pictures on computer. And then I will send them togetherwith my best wishes to my best friends.


On weekends, I usually to gofishing with my friends, for it's not only a good exercise, but also a goodentertainment.


What's more, I will climb themountains and enjoy the beautiful flowers in Guangzhou in spring days. As forsummer, I'll go to Zhuhai. There I can enjoy myself at the seaside. It must bea wonderful experience for me. In autumn, I'll go boating on the West Lake inHangzhou. In winter, I plan to go to Shenzhen. As it's in the tropical zone,it's warm and comfortable all the year round.


If I can live such a happy life,I will be the happiest man alive.


大学生英语作文:Reading Books or Practical Experience 看书还是实际经验【推荐】

People think highly of reading books since long time ago. They think books are the source of knowledge. If people want to be progress, they have to read. But some people think practical experience is more important. As far as I am concerned, both of them are significant. We need to deal with their relationship properly.


On the one hand, books always are the ladder of progress. Everyone has limit energy to learn, let alone experienced by themselves. If they want to know more things, the best and effective way is to read books. Books are the heart of countless generation. So it is good to have the mind to read books. However, talk about stratagems on paper is not very useful. If a person knows much knowledge, but he doesn’t practice it, he always can’t make things perfect. Because there maybe some detailed they don’t read on the book. Practical experience should not be ignored.


On the other hand, practical experience is very helpful. An experienced person will have better understanding about the specific filed. If there is anything happens, they can deal with easily. But if they just depend on practical experience, they can not go far. Without some knowledge, they can’t make clear some points in a short time. Some may take their whole life time.


To sum up, reading books and the practical experience exist side by side and play an important part together. People can go farther and further with their help.