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大学生英语作文:在家吃饭还是到外面吃饭 Eating Outside Or At Home【推荐】


随着互联网行业的发展,我们可能会按照个人习惯写一些文章,一篇好的范文能够提供好的参考,在哪里可以找到相关的范文呢?小编特地为大家精心收集和整理了“大学生英语作文:在家吃饭还是到外面吃饭 Eating Outside Or At Home【推荐】”,供大家参考借鉴,希望可以帮助到有需要的朋友。

With the improvement of our life, manypeople choose to eat outside rather than to cook by themselves. However, somepeople think that this phenomenon is not so good because we can be affectedwith some kinds of disease. For me, I think it is good for people to eat athome for it is more economical to cook by ourselves.


First of all, cook by ourselves is moreeconomical. Generally speaking, you have to spend more than 30yuan for eachmeal eating outside. But if you cook at home, you can just spend 10yuan perperson for each meal.


Secondly, it will be cleaner to eat at homethan eating outside. No matter what kind of restaurant, the common case is thatyou will eat food that is cooked by hogwash oil which will do harm to ourhealth.


Thirdly, we can eat more healthy food withlow calorie by cooking at home. Most food tends to contain high fat and calorieoutside and the restaurants take little consideration to the food ingredient thatcontains less fat and calorie. On the contrary, if we cook at home, we will payattention to our health condition and make food that contains less calories andfat.


All in all, through the analysis above, itis obvious that we will benefit from eating at home. So, I think people shouldcook as often as possible in order to get a better health condition.



英语范文:The outside World 外面的世界(必备)

Itis said that the outside world is so complicated that life is very difficult.When we are outside, we couldn't depend on others and we have to pay for thethree meals and living fees. Perhaps it's not easy for us to live outside.


Whilethe way I see it, the world outside is very interesting. As we are outside, wecan see the landscape that is different from the one in our hometown. As we areoutside, we can enlarge our eyes as well as our knowledge. As we are outside,we can experience different kinds of things. As we are outside, we can knowdifferent cultures and customs of different places.


Forinstance, once I was in Guangzhou, I had spent the happiest time in my life.When I was in Guangzhou, I could travel alone. The underground could make mytrip much faster and more convenient, so I always enjoyed myself by taking theunderground. Through the underground, I visited so many interesting places,such as Beijing Road Walking Street, Haizhu Square, Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Halland Yuexiu Park. They were great wonders.


AlthoughI live in a warm family and have delicious meals every day, I don't feel happyat all. Because I always stay in one place and have few chances to see theoutside world now. I'm exhausted of this boring life. I admire the people whoare working outside very much. If I had a chance, I would fly away. Howeverdifficult the outside world is, nothing I will be afraid.


大学生作文分享 论在家养宠物On Raising Pets at Home(必备)

It is a common phenomenon that a greatnumber of people are tending to keep pets at home. People worry whether keepingpets at home are good for people. Some people say that pets can bring ushappiness and help us in some special cases. However, some people believe thatkeeping pet is a waste of time and money. As for me, I think pets bring ushappiness. Reasons are listed below.


First of all, we won’t feel so lonely if wekeep pets. For most people, they are working outside while they don’t have anycompanions by their side. Hence, if they raise pets, then they can play withpets rather than stay alone. Besides, most people deem pets as their best friends.When people feel depressed, then they can talk to their pets to relievethemselves.


Secondly, pets can help us in some specialcases. You can ask your pets to do certain things for you to some extent. Forexample, we have many trained dogs that can guide the blind people to anywherethey want as if those dogs are their eyes.


All in all, keeping pets at home benefitsus a lot. When we are depressed, pets can make us happy. What’s more, pets canhelp us in certain situations.


暑期待在家中还是外出旅游 Staying At Home or Going Out For Travelling(必备)

The summer holiday is coming. Thediscussion about what to do during the holiday is right on their way amongstudents.


Some students prefer to stay at home. Theycan stay with their families and have more flexible time to do what they like. Theyalso can use their leisure time to prepare for their next-term study. In addition,they can save much money to do other things. However, they lose the chance ofenjoying the beauty of nature and touching the outside world personally.


However, others are in favor of going outfor travelling. They figure out that going out for travelling provides a chancefor them to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. And they can understandthe differences between regions and countries by travelling in person. Besides,through travelling different places, they gather different experience, which isa source of their imagination. However, they have to spend much money and feeltired sometimes.


As for me, I prefer to stay at home duringthe holiday since I can control my time flexibly. However, I advocate thatstudents should go out to get in touch with the outside world and meet somedifficulties so that they can value the time of staying at home.


大学生英语作文:Reading Books or Practical Experience 看书还是实际经验【推荐】

People think highly of reading books since long time ago. They think books are the source of knowledge. If people want to be progress, they have to read. But some people think practical experience is more important. As far as I am concerned, both of them are significant. We need to deal with their relationship properly.


On the one hand, books always are the ladder of progress. Everyone has limit energy to learn, let alone experienced by themselves. If they want to know more things, the best and effective way is to read books. Books are the heart of countless generation. So it is good to have the mind to read books. However, talk about stratagems on paper is not very useful. If a person knows much knowledge, but he doesn’t practice it, he always can’t make things perfect. Because there maybe some detailed they don’t read on the book. Practical experience should not be ignored.


On the other hand, practical experience is very helpful. An experienced person will have better understanding about the specific filed. If there is anything happens, they can deal with easily. But if they just depend on practical experience, they can not go far. Without some knowledge, they can’t make clear some points in a short time. Some may take their whole life time.


To sum up, reading books and the practical experience exist side by side and play an important part together. People can go farther and further with their help.


优秀英语作文 房奴 Home Mortgage Slave

Nowadays, it is not strange to see a youngpeople who become a mortgage slave, since Chinese people have made an agreementthat get marry after buy a house. As we can see, the real estate advertisementis everywhere in the city. However, the real estate market strong impetus firstcame from the effective demand for the release of individuals.


Bystoring most of their wealth in real estate, many Chinese households havebecome house price dependent. They dream about that they will have a happyfamily life after they have a house of their own, but as a matter of fact, afamily like that has to repay the loan principal and interest with 40%-50% ofdisposable income or even higher proportion every year. Undoubtedly, it willaffect the normal consumption, make family life quality drops, and even makepeople feel depression of slavery.


Unlike the house slave, some young couple chose not to buy house formarriage, they rent an apartment, and use the rest money to enjoy life, likebuy something good for parents, take a trip when they like to. By contrast,their pressure is far smaller than house slave; they don’t have to worry aboutmortgage. In my point of view, I won’t become a house slave unless a have moneyto buy a house.


Toconclude, become a home mortgage slave is really stressful, why don’t weabandon the conception that “we don’t get marry unless we own a house”. Use theextra money to make your life more colorful?


大学生英语作文:Come Back Home Often 关于常回家看看

Home is a warm harbor for every family member. Home always gives us comfort and warmth no matter when we come back. Hence, in return, as sons or daughters we should come back home often to look after our parents.


As sons or daughters, we should bear in mind that without our parents, we are nothing. Therefore, we need to keep grateful all the time no matter where we are. In addition, come back home when we are in leisure and accompany our parents as possible as we can. If not, we should usually keep contact with our parents at least.


Besides, when we are busy in providing a better life for our parents, we should bear in mind that another important matter we have to do is to give enough respect, understanding, tolerance and patience to our parents. As our parents grow older, they will suffer more difficult in life and be slower in movement, and then we should be patient to get along with them and try our best to consider their situation.


Finally, if we can not come back home, we need to make our parents at ease as much as possible. As we grow up, we need to learn to solve problems by ourselves instead of ask help for our parents at once because they will worry about us.


In a word, come back home often.






大学生英语作文:仔细规划还是自由安排?Plan Carefully or Plan Nothing at All?【推荐】

In this fast-changing society, our free time is very precious to all of us. It is important for us to take some time to refresh ourselves and prepare for the challenges in front us. Some people prefer to plan everything very carefully at their free time, because they want to live the most of life; while the others choose not to make any plans at all. Well, in my opinion, both thought have their advantages.


On one hand, people who plan everything carefully can avoid wasting too much time on making decisions. If one makes plan in advance, he will have more free time to do the things he wants to. For instance, if he plans to see a movie this Sunday, he will buy a ticket on Tuesday. If he buys a ticket before the movie begins, he probably won’t get any tickets. Then his plan will fail. Therefore, being prepared carefully can avoid you plans fail, to a large extend. It’s not only save your precious time but also ensure your mood is not being disturbed by unexpected surprises.


On the other hand, plan nothing at all also has its own advantages. The non-planers can change their mind at the last minute without worrying offends anybody, because they do not make any commitment to anybody. What’s more, not everything we plan will come out exactly the way we want to be. Sometimes, it’s really hard to finish all the works before deadlines. Without plans, we can enjoy more freedom and less pressure.


To sum up, both planned and unplanned have their own benefits. I still prefer to plan things carefully. My time is limited, so I want to make the best use of it. By planning in advance, I can do the things I want and see the people I want to see. If something unexpected happen, I can replace my former plan with Plan B.


优秀英语作文 To Make a Home Sweet 营造一个温馨的家【推荐】

Home is the warmest place in the world and a sweet home makes every family member feel happy and comfortable. So, how to make a home sweet?


First, respecting and understanding each other is the key to make a home sweet, especially living in a big family. Everyone in the family has his or her own opinion and has different way to deal with the matters, and it is impossible to make family members see eye to eye with each other. Therefore, when we are meeting different opinions, we need to give our respect and understanding to each other.


Second, communication is another important factor to make a sweet home. Communicating with family members is a good for us to know each other and strengthen the relationship. Thus, no matter where we are, keeping in contact with each other is definitely important.


Finally, humor can add more sweet to our home. Humor is a good way to adjust the atmosphere in a family and close the relationship between family members. Hence, if there is going to have a quarrel between family members, try to use your humor to solve it in advance.


In a word, to make a home sweet needs the effort of every family member.



It is impossible to keep in good health unless we have sufficient recreation. The mind, too, needs rest to keep alert and vigorous. There is a lot of truth in the old saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

There are many games which we can play after our work is done. But it's always advisable for people to remember that persons who sit much should take up sports or a kind of recreation that requires muscular exercise. Those who spend most of their time in the open air and have constant muscular labor, however, should adopt reading or some other quiet forms of recreation that will give them some physical rest.

Cycling is said to be a capital means of recreation. But some people foolishly exhaust themselves by excessive exertion on the bike. The same may be said in regard to football. Tennis is a great form of recreation. Fishing requires much patience, but there is the risk of catching cold by prolonged exposure. A good brisk walk is one of the finest forms of exercise. For persons engaged in outdoor labor, chess playing is an excellent change.