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大学生英语作文:在中国过洋节 Foreign Festivals in China


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Since the implement of the policy of reform and open in 1978, in China, people are influenced by the foreign culture and convention. The most obvious thing is that people use foreign products and the foreign festivals are becoming more and more popular. The growing popularity of western festivals inChinais a good phenomenon.自从1978年改革开放政策的实施,在中国,人们深受外国文化和习俗的影响。最明显的就是人们使用外国产品和洋节在中国变得越来越流行。西方节日在中国的日益流行是一种好的现象。

On the one hand, the growing popularity of western festivals promotes cultural exchanges between countries. There are 56 unique ethnic groups in our country, it has profound cultures, we can’t know well about our culture, let alone the foreign counties. While the policy of reform and open helps we know more about the world, we start to learn their culture by their festivals.一方面,西方节日在中国的日益流行促进了国家间文化的交流。我们国家有56个民族,文化博大精深,对于自己的文化都无法全面了解,更何况外国的呢。然而改革开放政策让我们对世界有更多的了解,我们开始通过节日了解他们的文化。

On the other hand, when we admit foreign festivals, we treat the festivals as our necessary days, so we will spend the days, buying presents, thus, it will promote our country’s economy. Today, most people get used to the Christmas Day in China, people buy a lot of discount products, just like Spring Festival, they are attracted the holiday themes.另一方面,当我们承认洋节,把节日当成必要的一部分,这样就会过这个节日,买礼物,以此来促进我们国家经济的发展。今天,大部分人在中国习惯了圣诞节,人们买很多打折产品,就像在春节那样,被节日的主题吸引。

Some people worry about the foreign festivals will let us forget about our own traditional festivals. On the contrary, it enhances our sense of convention, people will realize the importance of our culture. For these reasons, the foreign festivals are welcomed.有人担心外国节日会让我们忘记自己的传统节日。相反,那反而增强了我们的习俗感,人们会意识到我们文化的重要性。出于以上这些理由,洋节会变得流行。


作文推荐 Ivory Trade Will Be Banned In China 象牙将被禁止在中国交易【精】

In the coming of the new year, Chinese government has announced an important policy to protect the animal. That is the ivory trade will be completed banned by the end of 2017. This policy has been favored by people from all over the world, and they gave their applause to the government.


Though the world is advocating protecting the environment all the time and a lot of effort has been made, still some animals are being hunted by the greedy humans. As the saying that no trade, no kill, for the components of some animals’ skin make up of the luxury products, so the ivory and skin of crocodile are always the hottest stuff in the market. Some businessmen go on their illegal trade for the purpose of making more profit.


The profit is the everlast motivation for people to kill animals. Though some laws have carried out to protect the animals, it can’t stop the greedy people. The most efficient way is to advocate people refuse to buy relative products. The combination of the law and people’s act can protect the animals thoroughly.


大学生英语作文:Hire Foreign Teachers in College 论在大学里聘请外籍教师

According to a recent research, most Chinese college students can not speak exact English pronunciation. Nearly every Chinese student learns English in universities. Chinese teachers teach language is easy to be accepted and followed, but that’s not native pronunciation and tone. We students can’t feel the all-English learning environment. As far as I am concerned, it’s necessary to hire foreign teachers to instruct students.


To start with, foreign teachers, being a foreigner, they can teach us what Chinese teacher can’t do. Through communicating with them, we will learn exact English pronunciation and tone. What’s more, that will improve our listening and speaking. Choose this way to instruct is good for us to learn a language better. I don’t know how to pronounce “thank” until I came to international college. My pronunciation was wrong before I touch the foreign teacher. His native tone gives me a lot help.


Secondly, foreign teachers’ instruction can practice students’ communicative speed. For example, when two Chinese people chat in English, the atmosphere is different with a Chinese talk with a foreigner. Two Chinese, especially students, can’t cooperate well. Their discussion is not smooth at all. When you face a foreign teacher, he will guide you to think, correct and speak out.

其次,外国教师的指导可以锻炼学生的交际。例如,当两个中国人用英语聊天, 与中国与外国人交流的气氛是不同的。两个中国人,尤其是学生,不能很好地合作。他们的讨论是不完整的。当你面对一个外国老师,他将引导你思考,并正确地说出来。

Last but not least, foreign teacher has much difference with Chinese in teaching way.The former likes to guide students to raise creative questions and solve it together. Teachers give students more time to show themselves; more chance to improve their ability. They ask students to learn language in a new and effective way. The most important thing is environment when it comes to learning language. Students will be more confident with the help of foreign teachers’ instruction.


In conclusion, hire foreigners has so many advantages. It is indispensable to hire foreign teachers to instruct in Chinese universities. That will be a better way for students to learn English language. That also will improve Chinese teaching and learning efficiency.


大学生作文分享 Chinese Traditional Festivals 中国的传统节日

When the traditional festival comes, everybody is excited about it, because they will have holiday to relax. The meaning of these festivals is remembered by the old generation all the time, while some young people do not know. So when we enjoy the holiday, we need to know more about the traditional culture.

大家都会很兴奋得知有传统节日将要来临时,因为他们会有假期来放松自己。老一辈都记得这些节日的意义,然而有些年轻人却不知道。所以,当我们享受假期 My Holiday'>假日时,也需要更多的了解传统文化。

A foreign girl shot a video to ask Chinese young people something about Mid-autumn festival. To everybody’s surprise, a lot of them did not know the story about this big day. When I was very small, I have watched many TV series telling about the myth of Hou Yi and his wife. I learned many Chinese myths and legends from the shows. Though some people enjoy the festival, they should learn the culture.


With the development of Chinese economic power, more and more foreigners are interested in learning Chinese. Some are very crazy about the traditional culture. They study famous great old poems and novels, treating the great characters as idols.


The traditional festival is the important way to preserve our culture, which is the great treasure of human being. We are so proud of it, because it is priceless.


精彩英语作文:中国应该鼓励私家车吗? Should Private Cars Be Encouraged in China?【推荐】

With the rapid development of economy in China, more and more people own their private cars. Different people have different opinions. Some people think that too many private cars may cause more traffic jams and pollute the air, while others believe that people should be encouraged to have private cars. As far as I am concerned, I think private cars have more advantages than disadvantages.


First of all, private cars offer people convenience. With your car, you can go to any place at any time. You just don’t have to wait for the bus or taxi. Unlike bus is always full of people and taxi is expensive, private cars is less crowned and more flexible. During the rush hour, you don’t need to worry could not get in a bus or waste too many money on taxi.


Second, traveling by cars is very comfortable. During the Spring Festival, the going-back home tickets are very difficult to get. But if you have a private car, you can go home immediately without worrying there is no ticket any more. What’s more, the private cars reduce the pressure of the public transportation during the rush hours. When you driving in your own car, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. I guess it’s the greatest advantage of the private car.


Last but not least, the producing of cars triggers the industries of steel and glass production. It provides people lots of job opportunities. And it makes great contribution to the growth of GDP.


In conclusion, I think owning a car has more advantages than disadvantages. If you can afford one, then you should have it.