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作文推荐 Chinese Smart Phones Are Popular In Foreign Countries 中国手机畅销国外


随着生活水平的提高,我们可能会用到一些范文,好的范文更具有参考意义,有哪些范文值得参考呢?相信你应该喜欢小编整理的作文推荐 Chinese Smart Phones Are Popular In Foreign Countries 中国手机畅销国外,仅供参考,我们来看看吧!

Smart phone has been the indispensable equipment of our life. We can use smart phone to keep in touch with our friends and families, even a lot of businessmen use it to make big deals. As the great demand of this technology, more brands have been presented to the consumers. To everyone’ surprise, Chinese brands have been favored by foreign customers.


There is no doubt that Apple is very favored by Chinese teenagers. Everytime when the new style is put forward, so many young people are crazy about Apple products. They feel proud to own an Iphone. But as the development of homemade brands, Oppo and Huawei have been occupied the cell phone market. In some coutries, we can see Oppo and Huawei ads everywhere.


The foreign customers speak highly of homemade smart phone. They are willing to buy an Oppo instead of Iphone, because Oppo is much cheaper while its function works well. When we are crazy about foreign products, our homemade products have been sold well in foreign market. Once many foreign media criticized China for copying the technology, but now we have the confidence to fight back.



Foreign Education 国外教育

During these years, more and more parents trend to send their kids to study abroad, it is true that foreign education has many advantages, which is surpassing our education. Many excellent scholars started their education at the foreign colleges, then making the outstanding works. The advantages of foreign education are in the following.


First, there are advantaged educational resources in the foreign colleges. America and England have the best universities, the famous traditional universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, which have the long history. So these universities are developed and have the mature teaching resources. The students can enjoy the best educational resource and have communication with the best professors.


Second, one of the main features of foreign education is that it pays attention to the creative work. If the students want to enter into the famous colleges, they need not only to do well in the exam, but also they need to join the social activities. Sometimes the latter part is more important than the former part. This educational idea is good for students’ creativity.


论手机 On Cell Phones(收藏)

As cell phone is inexpensive and almost allpeople can afford it, most people tend to depend on cell phones a lot. Wheneveryou see people around whether they are walking on street or sitting anywhere,you will find that people just stare at their cell phones. This situation hascaused public’s attention. Some believe that cell phones bring them fun. Someargue that cell phones will cause disaster. In my opinion, I agree that cellphones facilitate our life. Reasons are listed as follows.


Firstly, cell phones bring usentertainment. We can read our favorite novels and newspapers, listen to themusic and even watch movies by cell phones. We can enjoy much fun by playingcell phones.


Secondly, we can contact our friend in aminute. Provided that we don’t have cell phones, we can just use letters tocontact with our friend and it takes several days to hear from them. If we havecell phones, we just need to dial their number and we can know what they aredoing or what they plan to do. Thus, cell phones make people closer.


All in all, we can not only enjoy fun byplaying cell phone, but also we can contact our friend in a minute. Thus, cellphones facilitate our life.


作文推荐 Chinese Traditional Culture 中国传统文化(收藏)

China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture. Every year, we are so looking forward to spending the holiday during the traditional festivals. They are the important part of Chinese traditional culture. But for young people, the meaning of these festival is fading away.


When young people are asked about the meaning of traditional festival, some of them have no idea. For example, some young people believe that Mid-autumn Festival is to in honor of the ancestors, or it is a day to eat mooncake. Actually, most festivals have been advocated by the commercial ads, and they show people to buy more products to spend the festivals happily. Some ads try to implant people the wrong idea about the meaning of festival, just to attract more customers.


The loss meaning of traditional festivals brings the negative side to the preserve of traditional culture. The mass media should advocate the essence of the festivals, so as to let the young generation learn more about our culture and be proud of it.


作文推荐 Chinese Cultural Heritage Day 中国文化遗产日

Nowadays, Hollywood movies dominate the market and many young people take these superheroes characters as their idols. So some people start to feel disappointed about the local culture, because they haven't seen its essence. As the world gets globalization, it is in need of building people's sense of local cultural heritage.


The preservation of our cultural heritage is the necessary task. The culture contains the essence of Chinese people's spirit, which has been tested by time. When people admit our culture, we will be proud of being part of the country, so as to enhance the unity and have the desire to make a contribution to the society. The loss of cultural heritage will destroy a country, which can be seen in history.


As the young generation faces the cultural shock in the globalization, so they are easy to deny the local culture, because they know little about it. Thus school should implant the education of culture and the government has named a day called Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, in the purpose of advocating the essence of local culture. When children grow up, they will fight for protecting the culture.


大学生作文分享 Using Your Mobile Phones to Learn English 用手机学英语【推荐】

Nowadays, mobile phones are quite popular among students. In fact, it is very convenient to use mobile phones for self-study. Here I would like to cite English learning by using mobile phones as an example to demonstrate such a convenience.


First, use your mobile phone to practice your listening skills as much as you can. There are a great variety of resources about English listening over the internet and you can download some of them to listen to when you are in leisure, such as VOA, BBC, and cnn and so on. Besides, if you are fond of listening English songs, it is not a bad idea to download some of them to practice your listening skills and training your memory. In addition, English radio is also a good choice.

首先,用手机尽可能的练习听力技巧。在互联网上有很多各种各样的关于英语听力的资源,你可以下载一些在空闲的时候听,如VOA, BBC, and cnn等。此外,如果你喜欢听英文歌曲,下载一些来练习你的听力技能、训练你的记忆并不是一个坏主意。此外,英国广播也是一个不错的选择。

Second, use you mobile phone to improve your reading. Instead of spending a majority of time in chatting and playing games, you can do some reading by using your mobile phones when you are waiting bus and other leisure time because there are a lot of reading materials available over the internet, like electronic books. If you can persist in doing some reading in English everyday, you will find your reading speed becomes faster and faster and you can understand English better.


In a word, the benefits of using mobile phones to learn English are various and the above are just some of them. I hope that every one of you can make full use of your mobile phones to learn something useful.


大学生作文分享 Mobile Phones Control Us 手机控制了我们

Since the invention of the mobile phones, our life has changed greatly. Mobile phones facilitate our life, we can not only keep in touch with our friends and families, but also can search the Internet any time. A lot of people count on mobile phone so much, they feel like missing something if they leave it.


When we walk on the street, we can find that people are lowing down their heads and look at their mobile phones all the time. Most people have such experience, they feel the vibration from their phones, but when they take out the phones and check on them, there is no message. It is their wrong feeling.

当我们走在大街上,我们可以发现人们在低着头,看自己的手机。大多数人都有这样的经验,他们觉得手机在振动,但当他们拿出手机来检查, 发现没有消息。这是他们的错误感觉。

It seems that our life has been controlled by the scientific machine. We let the phone dominate our life without realizing it. We start to ignore the communication with our friends face to face, we choose to chat online.


Let’s drop the mobile phone for a while and enjoy the moment with our families, to enjoy the things around us.


优秀英语作文 Chinese English 中国式英语(参考)

Today, learning English has become an important part of our life. Since we go to school, we study English almost everyday, but it seems to be such common phenomenon that even though we learn English all the time, it is so hard for most people to speak in English. And the reasons are in the following.


First, when most people learn English, they tend to pay their attention to the grammar, the structure and the ability to read English. Because the purpose of most students learn English is just to get high marks, to pass the exam, such as CET, if they pass the exam, for some students can go to a better college, others can get a high pay job.


Second, most people feel shy and are afraid of making mistakes, so they choose to not to speak English, it is not good for them in the long run, when one is less practicing speaking English, he gets worse and will not get improve.


The purpose of learning English is to make people communicate and understand each other. So don’t be mean to yourself, never be afraid of making mistakes. From the above examples, we should be confident and give up our burden and speak English, never feel shy of your Chinese English.


大学生英语作文:在中国过洋节 Foreign Festivals in China

Since the implement of the policy of reform and open in 1978, in China, people are influenced by the foreign culture and convention. The most obvious thing is that people use foreign products and the foreign festivals are becoming more and more popular. The growing popularity of western festivals inChinais a good phenomenon.自从1978年改革开放政策的实施,在中国,人们深受外国文化和习俗的影响。最明显的就是人们使用外国产品和洋节在中国变得越来越流行。西方节日在中国的日益流行是一种好的现象。

On the one hand, the growing popularity of western festivals promotes cultural exchanges between countries. There are 56 unique ethnic groups in our country, it has profound cultures, we can’t know well about our culture, let alone the foreign counties. While the policy of reform and open helps we know more about the world, we start to learn their culture by their festivals.一方面,西方节日在中国的日益流行促进了国家间文化的交流。我们国家有56个民族,文化博大精深,对于自己的文化都无法全面了解,更何况外国的呢。然而改革开放政策让我们对世界有更多的了解,我们开始通过节日了解他们的文化。

On the other hand, when we admit foreign festivals, we treat the festivals as our necessary days, so we will spend the days, buying presents, thus, it will promote our country’s economy. Today, most people get used to the Christmas Day in China, people buy a lot of discount products, just like Spring Festival, they are attracted the holiday themes.另一方面,当我们承认洋节,把节日当成必要的一部分,这样就会过这个节日,买礼物,以此来促进我们国家经济的发展。今天,大部分人在中国习惯了圣诞节,人们买很多打折产品,就像在春节那样,被节日的主题吸引。

Some people worry about the foreign festivals will let us forget about our own traditional festivals. On the contrary, it enhances our sense of convention, people will realize the importance of our culture. For these reasons, the foreign festivals are welcomed.有人担心外国节日会让我们忘记自己的传统节日。相反,那反而增强了我们的习俗感,人们会意识到我们文化的重要性。出于以上这些理由,洋节会变得流行。

优秀英语作文 当下中国教育 Present Chinese Education【精】




The education in China needs reforming, because students usually study under great pressure.


As Chinese education focuses on examination so much, teachers always push students very hard for high grades. Students have to study hard without any entertainment. For example, most students are buried under the mountains of homework. Besides, there are too many exams, which are too difficult. That's why students always feel stressed and anxious. Although the educational department has called for schools to lighten students' burden, teachers still assign a lot of homework, some of which are of no significance.


It is because students are too busy with their studies, who don't have enough time to develop their hobbies. They can't get close to nature. They know little about the society. And they can't communicate well with others, either. Thus, they can't have all-round development. Some students even can't finish their homework until midnight, which may cause mental and physical disease. This kind of education is unhealthy and even harmful. So I suggest students should go out of classroom to learn more knowledge from nature and society. Moreover, they are supposed to communicate more with people and make more friends. In this way, their life will be wonderful and meaningful.


中国文化 Chinese Culture

In recent years,there are more and more Confucius Institutes being built all around the world,which shows that our Chinese culture become much more popular than ever. As oneof the four ancient civilizations, China has long history and creates manysplendid cultures. The ancient culture once had great influence on the world,such as Japan, South Korea and other Asian and European countries.


From the respectof school, Confucianism, Mohism, Taoism, and Legalism are the main schoolscreated in ancient China, and they also have great influence on the ModernChina and the world, especially the Confucianism. They deeply root intraditional Chinese culture and people’s daily lives.


Specially, kungfu, traditional Chinese painting, poem, opera, cooking, clothing, architecture andmany other kinds of cultural forms make up the splendid Chinese culture. The kindslisted above are the typical ones which connect to each other at the same time.For example, painting, clothing and architecture has many things in common. Andeach kind of cultural form contains numerous intentions.


In short, Chinese cultureare the accumulation of Chinese history, which makes Chinese culture colorfuland prosperous. If one wants to know or study Chinese culture deeply, he or shemust spend much time in it, otherwise he or she can only get the tip of an iceberg.